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Name: Jos topographic map, elevation, terrain.

Location: Jos, Jos North, Plateau State, 903105, Nigeria (9.75751 8.73794 10.07751 9.05794)

Average elevation: 1,181 m

Minimum elevation: 847 m

Maximum elevation: 1,758 m

At an altitude of 1,217 m (3,993 ft) above sea level, Jos' climate is closer to temperate than that of the vast majority of Nigeria. Average monthly temperatures range from 21–25 °C (70–77 °F), and from mid-November to late January, night-time temperatures drop as low as 7 °C (45 °F). Hail sometimes falls during the rainy season because of the cooler temperatures at high altitudes. These cooler temperatures have, from colonial times until the present day, made Jos a favourite holiday location for both tourists and expatriates based in Nigeria.

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Average elevation: 1,304 m